Monday, August 8, 2011

Simple way to make a friend

Especially for this post I will write in english so my friend (who I wrote here) can read it clearly ^^...

It's really nice to make a lot of friends... you know, making a friend is more difficult than make thousand enemies... Individually I'm the kind of person who loves to make a friend... In this post I will tell about my new friend called Furkan... 

I met him in Phuket-Thailand when I and my friends had a trip to phi-phi Island (July 15th, 2011)... First time I met him is when I waiting for the travel car which will take us to the harbor... He wait like me also... He alone ^^... so I greet him... and evidently we stay in the same guest house... 

Furkan is a tall and hairy man (hahahhaha)... He comes from India called Punjabi (near from Pakistan)... but He lived in Europe for a long term... and now He works in Bangkok... His hobby that I knew is traveling... I admired his character... He could enjoy his self so well... It wasn't matter for him to traveling alone.. and only with a little stuff... He always bring a small backpack... and I think he just bring 2 or 3 pieces of shirts or shorts... He is a simple man... easy going... so when we sailing to the phi-phi island.. I could talk a lot with him... He shared his story... about many places where he has been visited... and I wonder he do traveling every week... hahahaha I told him about Indonesia... and thought maybe he wants to come...

another evidently... he do taking self picture like me... hahaha...

And when we arrived at phiphi island.. we must say goodbye to each other.. cuz he must leave the boat and traveling in Phi phi island... and I continue sailing to the snorkeling port... but before we split, I have added his facebook.. so we can still get connected even in the different places...


One day... when I was in Malaysia.. I check my facebook account.. and there's a notification that furkhan has confirmed my friend request... after that I left a message on his facebook wall... and so happy I was.. that he responed it well ^^... here it is :

Previously... I didn't think he seriously had a plan to come to Indonesia... especially Bali... untill last thursday (Agust 4th)... I got a message from Furkan in my facebook... here it is :

He gave me his number.. but I can't make it call to that number... maybe there's something error or missing number... untill he sent me his indonesia number... He said to me that he just have an indonesia number... and he asked me to called him so we can make appoinment to meet... and I called him.. 

When I called him.. I was in Kuta Beach.. just enjoying the stars and sea winds... We made appoinment to meet in the Beach where located accross MC Donnald... affraid he get lost... I send him a message...

and finally we meet again!! ^^

I'm so glad met him in Bali... in my country... hehehe... so we talked there like the old friends who had know each other for so long... hahaha... 

He loves Bali... He said that he enjoyed Bali very much... but the price here a little expensive than bangkok... hahahaha "of course dude!" ^^

Unfortunetly he just stay for 2 days in Bali... and after that he must flight to Jakarta to meet his friends who work there... and tomorrow he had a tour to lovina from the morning till the afternoon.. and afterthat.. he must go to airport.. what a short time right??... but it's okay... ^^ maybe next time I will meet him again somewhere... ^^


Yesteday I got a message from him again... He sent me messages while he's in airport... ready to get back to Bangkok... here's it : 

I hope that plan which we talk in message will be true someday... ^^

Traveling together with his style ^^...

Final words... I'm so glad that could meet him twice in another country ^^...
Started from a simple greeting... and turns becoming friend... 

"Different Country... Different Blood... Different Skin Tone.... Different Language... Different Culture... Different Religion... all of those are not necessary to make a friendship"

"Making a Friend just need a sincere smile and simple greeting ^^"


  1. yaelah om..kalo mosting pake bahasa manusia kek.gue kaga ngartiii ==a #telenbedug,btw gue jg ikutan kontesnya..moga kita menaaang =)

  2. uumph,,, i 'm very envy with you.... you're very lucky.... you can a friend from another country... >_<

    yeah, i know.... you're character is very humble that make you eassy to get lotsa friends..... you deserve it, TK. it contrast with me. :(

  3. wow TK orangnya friendly banget, cepet akrab sama orang. I can't do that D:

    it's hard to make a friend with someone else #sigh

  4. Mantap jalan2nya, Kk TK...

  5. klo dalam bhs inggris ga kita tayangin, coz ini kan media lokal.
    trim's before.
    'team komunitas VIVAnews'

  6. Bagus, sekalian mempromosikan Indonesia. Hebat. :)

  7. yup!nuel was right, you're the lucky one t have a great experience like that.. so, always be thankful to the God, okay? :)

  8. dinda : hahahah itu masih bahasa manusa kalee... manusa belahan barat tapinya ^^.... hmm.. ternyata postingan ini gak bisa diikut sertakan... yawda tar di buat versi indonya aja deh

    Nuel : Don't be envy... just follow the way I did... ^^ everyone surely can do it ^^ anyway thanks ^^

    [L]ain : hahahaha... yah itulah TK... mau buktikan sendiri?? ^^

    ning : hahaha thanks...

    izal : yaaahhh... klo di tulis ulang dengan bahasa indonesia masih bisa diikut sertakan ga?? :(

    Asop : makasih... hehehe yes I proud of Indonesia!!

    Rabest : so pasti donk ^^ thanks yah

  9. Wuah enak yah bisa punya kenalan pas travelling dan bisa ketemuan lagi di tempat lain. I think he can be your good travel buddy


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